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FIFA original text

The ranking of each team in each group will be determined as follows:

a) greatest number of points obtained in all group matches

b) goal difference in all group matches

    c) greatest number of goals scored in all group matches

If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above three criteria their rankings will be determined as follows:

    f) greatest number of points obtained in the group matches between the teams concerned concerned

    e) goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams

    f) greatest number of goals scored in all group matches between the teams concerned

    g) drawing of lots by the FIFA Organizing Committee

    The teams finishing first and second in each group will qualify for the Round of 16.



The two teams from each group with the highest rankings will be selected for the round of sixteen with the ranking within each group set according to the following criteria in descending order of importance:

a) sum of points earned with points for each game assigned as win=2, draw=1, and lose=0

b) goal difference computed as the sum of goals scored minus the sum of goals allowed

c) the number of goals scored

    In case of a tie the above three criteria will be applied to the head to head matches among the tied teams. If ties remain unresolved, lots will be drawn by the FIFA Organizing Committee.



Lumped together to study reform, the four-person group begs a question: what reform will they seek?

Dean Yubol never has worked in the media.

The goal of national reconciliation is worthy but is merely a rhetorical cliche without imaginative action.

Mr Abhisit has picked a ponderous investigator to head the May 19 inquiry.

These prominent and respected personalities represent the cream of the nation.

No longer is it an attempt to seek national unity across all Thai society.

A major part of the plan is a report on the violence of April and May. Instead it seems that the commission will not complete its work within six months.

This is not to say that Thaicom is also embroiled in quite a few legal disputes.

Doubtless the satellite issue is complicated.

Muttering the old magic words “national security” and repeating them over and over is no longer reason enough to convince the public .

The government could end up legalizing all the still undecided cases concerning Thaicom.

His government representatives for this issue should have had a ready made explanation detailing the cost and benefit analysis of all available options regarding this issue including the no action one in which the government need not do anything about Thaicom.

Condemnation of the Teheran regime is welcome, that is President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and supporters, including the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamanei.

President Barack Obama appears to have lost the plot and his allies have not clearly dissented.

But the UN vote was was not highly debated and passed in order to isolate Iran.

Since no one believes the Iranian president’s claim it seems clear that the sanctions have not worked.

The UN vote has stiffened Mr Ahmadijejad’s ill-considered goal of stepping up his secret nuclear project.

Iran has slapped aside his offer of direct talks, which would have reduced Teheran’s isolation.

This group is the elite spearhead of both the development and enforcement of Iranian law-breaking and defiance.

Cha-am Jamal, Thailand


Mr Obama’s promises to extend the hand of friendship to unpleasant nations have been slapped down by dictators.

Pyongyang is clearly capable of attacking the South for no reason at all as in response to international censure and restrictions.

North Korea has literally shot itself to new depths of incivility.

A North Korean torpedo was responsible for the death of 46 sailors who perished despite its denial.

An explosion buckled the ship and sent it to the bottom as unexpectedly as a North Korean bomber blew up a South Korean airliner near Thailand.

War is unthinkable on the Korean peninsula. So too, however, are murderous and unprovoked attacks.

Thailand does not have the power to influence every decision and every case brought before the UN human rights body after tomorrow.

One can hope that the new members will try to take advantage of quiet diplomacy.

The world body and its successive leaders have the power to use the bully pulpit and inform world opinion.

UN members also voted in countries that were far from being considered democratic exemplars like Pakistan, Egypt, China, and Cuba.

We will be staring at the next problem of the drought, which looks set to come after the oppressive hear.

Accusations flew against the army.

Three explosions ripped the early morning air.

There cannot, however, be any justification for the endemic violence that has occurred.

Such people are the true enemies of he country in almost all ways with no interest in reaching political solutions.

The older generation will need to retire later, but also acquire skills that employers need.

With better medical care people are living longer and each successive generation is smaller than the last.

In a traditional home environment 3 to 5 generations often lived together under the same roof and many still do.

Mr Aquino held a raucous campaign but little hard political talk.

Mr Aquino is a multi-millionaire from the family fortune.

Past elections have caused complaints and lawsuits.

The voting machinery seemed a prime suspect even before a vote was cast.

Murderous intimidation has proved impossible to wipe out.

The voters will do their part to make the election democratic.

The country is holding the election according to the law.

But the lawful, scheduled election will not necessarily be smooth.

Troops will encounter entirely different people eating different food and unfamiliar with Thailand.

Sudan, first and foremost, is outside of Asia.

Any form of hate speech should not be tolerated.

In our internet age the mass media is no longer limited to organisations.

Hate speech in all forms should not be allowed.

Nor the use of royalism as a political tool to destroy rivals and the violent reactions to perceived violations.

If anything the most lethal is our social immaturity.

The media could have done much better to give the big picture of the problem instead of reporting only the surface of daily phenomena.

A government that is either overthrown or installed by a mob is not democratic.

Political protest can no longer be permitted to stop democracy in its tracks.

Mr Abhisit has managed to calm the savage speech for the moment.

But when the red shirts dismantle their barricades this should only be the first step.

The announcement by the UDD should end the group’s occupation of central Bangkok.

There are slim chances they could use either force or negotiating skills in such a charged atmosphere.

Peace-keeping is already a difficult job, because everyone involved in potential conflict is Sudanese.

The Thai troops are scheduled to step into the southern area.

The two main opposition candidates withdrew in protest at poll-rigging.

Let’s not make excuses for a heap of corpses ever again.

Over a thousand people assembled at the police station forcing officials to dissolve the mob.

Some 79 more died from suffocation and from being herded like cattle while in custody – which equals manslaughter.

And if you hit an animal that big, imagine what your car, and yourself, would be like.

The service provided at individual police stations has improved out of sight.

We’re killing each other with no end in sight.

There are people who say that ocean cruises are expensive and therefore not worth the fun.

Mr Bush must continue to develop his plans for fighting terrorism and his economic policies.

No single nation will defeat the threat to life and happiness posed by groups claiming to be Islamic extremists.

The Koran expressly forbids kidnapping at all

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