Thongchai Thailand


Posted on: November 15, 2021

THE EXXON KNEW MOVEMENT | Thongchai Thailand


India, China and the US all have tremendous potential for renewable energy, hydro, solar and wind. Does the failure of COP26 to progress through their sabotage prove just powerfully entrenched the fossilised fuel lobby is? What can be done?


Climate Science has presented their case to the global gathering of nation’s 26:times and their proposal has been rejected 26 times. The rational conclusion is that their case does not have merit. To deny this reality and to blame it on the fossil fuel industry is mysterious. It may be the creation of an inability to face the reality that climate science was given 26 opportunities to make their case for the climate action they demand and they failed to make their case. And that is somehow the fault of the fossil fuel boogyman?

The global economy has paid the UN billyuns and billyuns of dollars over the years to hold the COPs and to deliver the global climate agreement. The reality is that the UN and climate science have failed. The need to understand this failure as a fossil fuel industry conspiracy without any evidence for such a conspiracy reveals the true nature of the climate movement as anti fossil fuel activism pretending to be science.


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