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Posted on: October 27, 2021

It was cold in Australia last weekend | Today's Image | EarthSky


Would Australia be affected by an ice age?

Three reasons and places to enjoy Skiing in Australia


Australia has been in an ice age for more than 2 million years so you can see for yourself what the effects are if any. We are currently in the quaternary ice age. It consists of glaciation cycles that are about 100,000 years in duration of which about 80 to 90 percent is a glaciated state with brief interglacials in between that are warm and mostly deglaciated. We are currently in one of these interglacials. Interglacials also go through warming and cooling cycles at time scales of 100 to 1000 years. We are in one of those warming cycles. We live on a planet that is never at a steady temperature but is always going through warming and cooling cycles. These temperature cycles are natural.

To be alarmed by an interglacial warming cycle and to seek a human cause for it tells us more about human nature than about climate.

Top 10 Mad Scientists |

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