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Posted on: October 1, 2021


How important is the COP 26 meeting in Glasgow?


It’s just another COP just like the the 25 that came before and just like the 25 that will come after. That after 25 of these things we need number 26 means that this is an infinite series. It goes nowhere but it’s good fun for the UN bureaucrats. It brings them mucho dinero, and it verifies and strengthens their aspiration to a role as a global environmental agency with big budgets to come financed by taxpayers to whom the UN bureacurats have no obligation and no accountability.

How sweet it is.






THE PARIS AGREEMENT | Thongchai Thailand


It is well known that public sector bureaucracies without adequate constraint, oversight, audit, and accountability can devolve into self-serving organisms. The United Nations and its many agencies and programs are ultimately funded by taxpayers but they are too far removed from those taxpayers to be directly accountable to them. But who will discipline the UN? Agency theory ensures that no single country will venture to absorb the cost of disciplining the UN while gaining only pro-rata benefits. United Nations agencies and programs like the UNEP, IPCC, UNCFCCC, the Montreal Protocol, the Kyoto Protocol and their related frameworks, conventions and other bureaucratic artifacts are therefore allowed to operate under insufficient constraint, transparency, oversight, or discipline. Under these conditions they can morph into bureaucratic organisms that operate for their own needs and no longer serve the public interest. A case study of the UNEP and its related agencies, programs, framework conventions, and protocols exposes structural weaknesses that allowed the bureaucracy to extract rents and grow by selling environmental fear and assigning themselves the high office of saving the planet. This sequence was played out in two different episodes. In the first episode a fear of ozone depletion was sold and after successfully implementing a worldwide ban on alleged ozone depleting substances, the UN declared victory even though no evidence exists of long term trends in latitudinally averaged global mean total column ozone. The absence of trends indicates that the problem that was solved never existed in the first place. In the second episode, they sold fear of catastrophic global warming and climate change allegedly caused by fossil fuel emissions but failed to duplicate their success in the first episode because their own bureaucratic incompetence created an emissions reduction plan that was too complicated too costly to implement. These barriers ensured an endless series of annual meetings of thousands of delegates at exotic locations with the only concrete achievement of each meeting being that of setting the date and place for the next meeting. These episodes serve as evidence that unconstrained and undisciplined public sector bureaucracies do not serve the interest of the public. They can therefore be safely dismantled without any harm to the public interest.

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