Thongchai Thailand


Posted on: August 24, 2021


What do you think will be the impact on our society in the future of technology and climate change?


What I am hoping for and from what I think scientists and researchers will have learned from the ozone and climate activism movements of our time is that science and scientific research must mature and reach a level of sophistication and rigor among scientists and their audience, such that in the future both scientists and their audience will demand and adhere strictly to unbiased and objective scientific inquiry with checks and balances to ensure that science and research cannot be corrupted by activism of any color no matter how noble the cause may be.




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  • David: thank you very much for that information.......something I was unaware of....very interesting.....
  • Ruben Leon: 1st you write your opinion and then you search for other opinions to support your opinion and call your opinion science. I'm as sure that the orbit
  • Ruben Leon: People who believe CO2 is causing climate change are either ignorant of basic science or they don't believe in gravity. CO2 is 10% heavier than Cal
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