Thongchai Thailand


Posted on: August 5, 2021

QUESTION: Would letting existing forests reclaim vast swathes of the Earth be more effective for the climate rather than planting trillions of trees?

ANSWER: The tree option for climate action is flawed in multiple ways. For one thing there isn’t enough land on earth to make a meaningful difference in global photosynthesis. Also, the theory of anthropogenic global warming is not a carbon cycle thing but very specifically, a fossil fuel thing. If you believe the climate scientists do what they say and stop burning fossil fuels. If you don’t believe them tell them to go hug themselves. It serves no purpose to play silly carbon cycle games like planting trees or bragging about “NET zero” emissions that isn’t really zero emissions. The flaws in the carbon cycle intervention climate action idea are desribed in a related post linked below.


Planet Releaf – Planting One Million Trees

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