Thongchai Thailand


Posted on: August 5, 2021


ANSWER: Environmentalism started out as a way to improve human welfare by humans managing their ENVIRON (French for surroundings). In the Biblical cultures of the Global North, this idea soon became corrupted by GENESIS which says that humans have dominion over nature with the implication that humans are not part of nature but its manager and caretaker. The specific interpretation of Genesis in environmentalism is that humans must protect nature from the humans. This grotesque and arrogant tree hugger principle of environmentalism is expressed in the Bambi Principle. LINK TO BAMBI POST:

What we see in this question is that environmentalism contains a further interpretation of the Bambi Principle and it implies that humans as caretakers of nature must also protect nature from nature itself. The human ego knows no bounds thanks to Genesis and Bambi. How far the termites have spread and how long and well they have dined.

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  • David: thank you very much for that information.......something I was unaware of....very interesting.....
  • Ruben Leon: 1st you write your opinion and then you search for other opinions to support your opinion and call your opinion science. I'm as sure that the orbit
  • Ruben Leon: People who believe CO2 is causing climate change are either ignorant of basic science or they don't believe in gravity. CO2 is 10% heavier than Cal
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