Thongchai Thailand


Posted on: July 23, 2021


China, Siberia (Russia), Europe, the U.S. – the entire world is under siege right now by the effects of climate change. Isn’t it finally time for the deniers to finally do a mea culpa and we can just get on with solutions rather than fighting?


If critical evaluation of climate science is a bad idea because of the finding by climate science that the entire world is under siege, on what basis should this siege finding be evaluated? Or should the world just follow climate science like zombies? If climate science is science why does it need zombies and why does it need to be protected from critical evaluation?




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  • Ruben Leon: When your mind is made up you ignore the data and try to justify the bias you acquired as a juvenile and never questioned. The fact that the Antar
  • chaamjamal: Thank you for raising these interesting points. We live in strange times. Some day we may figure this out.
  • gregole: Funny after all that doom and gloom from Al Gore some years back I haven't seen much of him lately. Guess he made all the money he needed and is chil
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