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Posted on: July 2, 2021

Lucy Savage - Quora


Will we ever get to a position where everyone will be a global citizen, rather than citizen of a country?

ANSWER: Government efficiency, quality, and accountability decreases and government bureaucracy, power, and corruption increases as the size of the population they govern increases. Best not to yearn for global governance.



The United Nations is financed mostly by taxpayers from a few donor countries but the large and growing bureaucracy is too far removed from those taxpayers to be directly accountable to them. It is run by unelected, unaccountable, undisciplined, and incompetent bureaucrats. The organization’s size, budget, and scope are unconstrained. The budget funding process provides perverse incentives for these bureaucrats to increase the size and scope of their organization simply by creating multitudes of agencies and programs, and by inventing problems and environmental crises set on a global scale.

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5 Responses to "QUORA QUESTION #15"

What a great idea.
Let’s take the 5% of the global population who generate 25% of the global GDP and wealth and make them subservient to the 95%.

Oh, wait, that’s already in the works.

We’ve been shipping our jobs overseas.
We’re importing millions of low skilled uneducated workers.
We’re destroying our currency.
We’re bankrupting our country with trillions of National Debt.

The American standard of living will soon be the same as Mexico.

But don’t worry, the Limousine Liberals and Leftists will be happy, once they eliminate all political and economic competition.

Why is it almost always wimmin who want to be governed by any and everybody? Why is it almost always wimmin who have real difficulty in working out the flaws and consequences of their own proposals and why do these people who, on average by a long chalk, haven’t the wherewithal to contribute the taxation required to run these monolithic money black holes?

The great contribution of women is that when we were hunters and killers and rapists and cannibals women invented agriculture. Human civilization derives from that innovation. We owe ’em.

I hate gardening!

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