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Posted on: June 26, 2021

QUESTION: If Australia had net zero carbon emissions, how much would that help decrease the rising temperature of global warming?

Australia's emissions must hit net zero by 2050 to meet Paris Agreement,  scientists say

ANSWER: Australia’s fossil fuel emissions are 1.4% of global emissions and if the NET implies it will still have some residual fossil fuel emissions then perhaps global fossil fuel emissions will go down by 1%. The climate impact of this change is not likely to be measurable since a 7% decline during the covid did not yield a measurable change in the rate of rise in atmospheric CO2 or the rate of warming.

Why does Anthony Watts drive an electric car?


2 Responses to "QUORA QUESTION #13"

If the entire planet stopped releasing CO2 from hydrocarbon usage the planet would become less green and it would make absolutely zero difference to the climate.

CO2 molecules are more than 3 times as heavy as air and more than twice as heavy as H2O, and precipitate out of the atmosphere like hailstones when released.

The “Carbon Footprint” does not exist.

The Carbon Footprint is a fiction that appeals to the masses who have never seen the periodic table of elements, or if they have, they can’t understand what it means.

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  • chaamjamal: Thank you
  • skeptic16: The environmentalist Left and their wealthy financial supporters are not so keen on returning manufacturing to the US where production would be cleane
  • fgsjr2015: Greta Thunberg aptly and poignantly described the global-warming (non)efforts of faux or neo-environmentalist politicos as just more "blah, blah, blah
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