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Posted on: April 30, 2021

What exactly is climate change? What is causing this to happen? Are you sure this isn’t part of a natural cycle?

  1. What exactly is climate change? Global mean surface temperature (GMST) has been steadily rising since either 1760 or 1850 or 1900 or 1950 or the 1970s according to climate scientists. They aren’t sure which year is the correct start year but the rise in GMST is causing changes in regional climate patterns and so it can be understood as global warming or climate change.
  2. What is causing this to happen? Climate scientists have determined that whenever the current warming did start, there is a sufficient overlap of the warming with the Industrial Economy when the GLOBAL NORTH had started to burn fossil fuels. The carbon in fossil fuels is millions of years old and not part of the current account of the carbon cycle and so the CO2 from burning fossil fuels is an external and unnatural perturbation of the carbon cycle and it therefore causes atmospheric CO2 concentration to rise from year to year and that in turn causes global mean surface temperature (GMST) to rise rise year to year by way of the greenhouse effect of atmospheric CO2. The sequence of higher and higher GMST is understood as global warming and the impact of warming on climate is understood as climate change.
  3. Are you sure this isn’t part of a natural cycle? Climate scientists have collected paleo proxy data for GMST going back thousands of years through the whole of the current Interglacial called the Holocene. The data are available in this linked document: A Chaotic Holocene Climate? What we find in these data is that over the 10,000 years or so of the Holocene Interglacial since deglaciation had ended and stabilized, GMST has not been the same but that the whole of the 10,000 years of the Holocene has been a series of chaotic GMST cycles at centennial and millennial time scales alternating between warming and cooling with a GMST range of 3.5C. Skeptics cite these temperature cycles to claim that the current warming period can be understood as a natural cycle. However, climate science has determined that the GMST in the current warming is too high to be part of that natural cycle and that therefore it must have been caused by the industrial economy burning fossil fuels. The NOAA position on this issue is that the Holocene warm period called the Holocene Climate Optimum that gave birth to human civilization was as warm as the current warm period. The climate science position on that issue is that this warming isn’t done yet and it will get warmer.
The Holocene Climate Optimum: A Bibliography | Thongchai Thailand

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