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Posted on: April 9, 2021

Thomas Malthus and population growth (video) | Khan Academy


Could CO2 emissions be a modern Malthusian population problem?


To describe CO2 as a modern Malthusian problem there would have to have been an old Malthusian problem but there wasn’t. Unlike Ehrlich, Malthus never claimed that there was overpopulation in his time. He simply made the observation that since population grows and land doesn’t there will come a time when the available land cannot grow enough food for all the humans that there are. But his forecast turned out to be flawed wisdom because he made the classical forecast error of trying to solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s technology. The Green Revolution proved him wrong. Malthus screwed up and Malthusianism is not a valid way to forecast future food availability.

There is no “modern Malthusian problem” and the climate change issue of our time has nothing to do with Malthusianism or overpopulation or environmentalism.

Climate change theory is simply that burning fossil fuels causes atmospheric CO2 to rise and that in turn causes GMST (global mean surface temperature) to rise and to stop that dangerous trend we must stop burning fossil fuels.

That’s all there is to it.

There is nothing there about environmentalism or the population bomb or veganism or any of the other eco wacko movements that have climbed on to the climate bus.



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