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Posted on: March 5, 2021

Biden′s climate policy: What does John Kerry′s appointment mean for the  environment? | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation  | DW | 25.11.2020



END OF WORLD: Climate change could trigger DEATH of ALL species in 'domino  effect' | Science | News |

  1. John Kerry: Our heads are in the sand. It’s mutual suicide.
  2. The United States has warned inaction by world powers on climate change is tantamount to a “mutual suicide pact”.
  3. The Pentagon has described the climate crisis as “a threat multiplier”.
  4. Even though climate change has been repeatedly called ‘an existential threat’, we honestly have yet as a world to respond with the urgency required
  5. Climate change is the most complex and compelling security issues that the world has ever faced.
  6. Failing to address climate change is “marching forward to what is tantamount to a mutual suicide pact.
  7. We bury our heads in the sand at our own peril. It’s urgent to treat the climate crisis as the urgent security threat that it is.
  8. Experts believe the world must reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 to ensure long-term warming is held to no more than 1.5C to avoid triggering catastrophic climate tipping points.
  9.  World leaders must take immediate action on the climate crisis or face worsening global instability
  10. It is a matter of when, not if, your country and your people will have to deal with the security impacts of climate change
  11. There are people around the world who will say that climate change is green stuff from a bunch of tree-hugging tofu munchers and not the stuff of international diplomacy but I couldn’t disagree more profoundly.
  12. Climate change is causing 16 million people to be displaced by weather-related disasters each year, some becoming easy prey to armed groups, farmers losing another wheat harvest because of drought and switching to growing opium poppies, and girls forced to drop out of school to search for water and thereby becoming prey to human traffickers. {climate change causes young girls to become prey to human traffickers}.
  13. Africa will suffer the worst consequences of climate change despite being the least responsible for global greenhouse gases.
  14. The climate change drought in the Horn of Africa is drying out the Lake Chad basin, shrinking the Sahel and savannah grasslands, and worsening economic vulnerabilities and these in turn have set in motion political, demographic, migratory dynamics that increase the threat of insurgency and violent extremism.
  15. Our last best hope is that the UK has committed into law a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and will host the COP26 climate summit in November in the Scottish city of Glasgow.
  16. John Kerry: The Glasgow conference is literally our last best hope to get on track and get this right.
  17. John Kerry: The United States is hosting its own summit on April 22 where it will announce its renewed carbon-reduction commitments.
  18. Emmanuel Macron: What the world needs is a special UN envoy for climate security.
  19. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: What we need is regular reporting on the security implications of climate change by UN Security General Guterres.
  20. David Attenborough: If we continue on our current path, we will face the collapse of everything that bring us our security including food, water, habitable temperatures.
  21. David Attenborough: We have left the stable and secure climatic period that gave birth to our civilization.
  22. There is no going back.
  23. If we act fast enough we can reach a new stable state.
  24. Young people under the age of 18 are more likely than any other age group to say climate change is an emergency, a new survey from the United Nations Development Programme has found.
  25. People’s Climate Vote: Majority sees climate change as emergency
  26. A cutting-edge survey used mobile gaming apps in 17 languages to ask 1.2 million people about climate change and found that climate change is a global crisis.
  27. As the US rejoins the Paris Agreement, rich nations fail to pay costs to help poorer countries adapt to climate change.
  28. Melting glaciers and rising seas are approaching climate tipping points.
  29. Glaciers have shrunk at high speed raising fears of more climate refugees.
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The Global Warming Hoax has to be a conspiracy. There are no contrary MSM viewpoints being put across, no TV discussions, nothing. We ‘Oddballs’ in the alternative, almost underground, protestariat are considered and pilloried as, well, Oddballs. There is no political party to vote for, and when there was one ie The Donald, look what happened to him. Dark times indeed.I’m truly grateful for the year of my birth, which puts me in the mid seventies. My years were infinitely better than anything the current and future generations will experience. The future is truly dystopian,1984 writ large. Sorry to sound so downbeat.

Great summary and depressing reality. Nice to be in touch with a fellow mid 70s. Thank you for your perceptive comments.

Nobody ever voted for their freedom. We are not voting our way out. Unfortunately, the system will have to fall under its own staggering logical contradictions.

“The system will fall under its own contradictions”.
Thank you for that insight.

Completely agree, but at what cost to us all when the system’ does implode, what goods and services will be left available? The preppers have a very good argument, but whilst that is doable in America, the UK is a different kettle of fish. Bleak times ahead methinks.

Yes sir. It looks bleak. Thank you for your insight.

China will be fine, because it is the plot they helped organise to cripple the West through the UN, led by Maurice Strong. Agenda 21 is an idea of how it will look for the people of the West, similar levels of control that already apply in CHina, controlled by the elites, by the time a;l the stupid sheeple wake up it will be too late. Hate speecg will include pointing out the overt errors in the obviously phoney science as “denial”. Perhaps only the elite will be allowed to study hard sciences.

Fully agree. Maybe we did the UN all wrong. Can we erase and start over?

If you give politicians an easy source of funding with minimal oversight, global responsibility and no need to get elected by the people they affect and impose upon, guess what they will do… Maurice Strong explained his move into the UN under David Rockefellers patronage in this way to Elaine Dewar when she was writing “Cloak if Green” Are you aware of that? These evil manipulative UN elites will never give up their powers without the use of force, or perhaps if the West catches on and defunds the whole corrupt scam?

We need to get rid of the UN.

There are good bits, but they have no power and tend to corrupt the people who depend on and use the UN money to rule over others, the hand out streets in otherwise dirt poor African towns, where the money tends to stop moving. Even disaster relief like Haiti is poor, because of the nasty 3rd World insiders who get to be paid to run it for their own benefits.
But when its bringing peace to Yemen, Yugoslava, Syria or Libya, nowhere to be seen. No easy money and power in that either. Was KOrea the last UN War?

A lot of the budget is to keep the Third World criminals in well paid jobs in NYC and elsewhere, while their countrymen live in poverty, they live in NYC, attend global conferences, as indeed do the academics supporting the UN climate science, as Donna Laframboise described in her book about how IPCC science was created – by easily led third world post graduate students and activists the UN recruited to prove the false assertion CO2 controls the climate, push out the real senior experts who questioned the activist science ASAP. Not the best in the field, but dedicated to the cause more than to scientific method. POliticians have to have the right sort of science to be guided by, the sort that gives them power and easy money. Same all over.

So, on balance, YES. Too corrupt to fix.

Really great essay on the topic and fully agree. Thank you very much.

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