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Posted on: February 28, 2021

Each Country's Share of CO2 Emissions | Union of Concerned Scientists


Climate change: Emissions edge up despite drop in coal - BBC News


Carbon Dioxide emissions can also come from natural resources such as the ocean. About 750 gigatons of CO2 is produced every year from natural resources but about 32 gigations of CO2 is created by manmade things, such as cars, and this makes the CO2 unbalance, according to the EPA. This is an important issue because what happens today, affects our future and us. I know our future will be rough because of how high the carbon emissions are. Greta Thunberg said “The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say – we will never forgive you.”

Layer 1 – CO2 Emissions from Stationary Carbon Cources: This layer shows stationary carbon sources. Stationary carbon sources include power plants, gas stations, houses, and more. The circles show areas where stationary carbon sources are making CO2 emissions. If the circles are larger, then a great amount of CO2 is being emitted but if the circle is small, a small amount of CO2 is being emitted. As I analyze this layer, the stationary carbon sources are mostly found on the east side of the United States. This make sense because it is densely populated on the east side of the United States.

Layer 2 – Carbon Emissions by State. This layer shows carbon emissions by state. This takes place in the United States. Lighter states show less carbon emissions and darker states show greater amounts of carbon emissions. The color goes the light blue to dark blue. The highest carbon emission is 130 tons or more while the smallest is 30 tons or less. While analyzing this layer, the higher carbon emissions are mostly on states that have a bigger populations. This layer also shows that higher carbon emissions are mostly on the east side of the United States.

Layer 3 – Fossil Plants. This layer shows operating, on standby, or short- or long-term out of service fossil plants. I chose this layer because it gives us a general view of how many fossil plants emitted carbon dioxide. The circles show the capacity of the fossil plant. The smallest capacity is 0 while the largest is 3,695. While analyzing this, I saw many fossil plants near the coast, especially Rhode Island. The Industrial Revolution started on Rhode Island. Also, the east side of the United States has a mass amount of fossil plants because of the population density.

Global, National, or Local Connection: I think my issue is important to China because they are the number one producer of CO2. They produce about 30% of CO2. China has 2,801,143 factories. That is 10x more than the number of factories in the United States. This impacts my community because we are the future generations and we have to deal with what the previous generations left for us. We have to solve this issue in such a short amount of time. We exhale CO2, we use products that produces CO2, society has been dealing with CO2 for a century, and we still haven’t found a way to solve the issue. High school students from Minnesota decide to skip school to protest about global warming.

Solutions: Simple solutions you could do everyday are turn off lights when you aren’t using it, bike to school during warmer seasons, eat less red meat, and eat fresh produce. But major national solutions are plant more trees (team trees), donate to organizations that deal with climate change, and express a positive attitude to people about this issue so they can be influenced. Communities can have schools make a policy on students and staff must do a certain amount of volunteering hours before they retire/quit or graduate. Volunteering would be on picking up trash or growing crops over the summer. We as individuals can try to bike or walk to school, be cleaner, influence on the younger generations, and be a good example. Some solutions that are already being taken are team trees which is a fundraiser that is run by a famous youtuber Mr.Beast. Scientist are also trying to find solutions to CO2 emissions. Greta Thunberg, confronted a bunch of world leaders about global warming to give out a good example to the younger generations. A fundraiser to raise money to plant 20,000,000 trees. A major controversy topic is that fossil plants deny the fact that CO2 emissions play a major role in global warming and tried to convince the media that climate change is not from humans. They believe scientist are giving out false information to the public.Little simple things we do everyday can play a major role. I hope that all of you think deeply about how you can improve yourself and also think about your future. And teach your children how to help the earth and be a little more clean. If you feel like this issue is not going to affect you or you just don’t care, then at least know that you’re going to be living on this planet for you’re whole life and that it is better to inhale oxygen than carbon dioxide.

Empirical evidence of mental health risks posed by climate change | PNAS


This assessment of the role of fossil fuel emissions in climate change serves as an example of the belief among environmentalists that climate change is an environmental issue that in turn creates climate action propositions that are in fact their environmental activism cloaked in the language of climate change and fossil fuel emissions.

hippie | History, Lifestyle, & Beliefs | Britannica

This interpretation of climate change and climate action is widespread and it provides further support for the proposition in two related posts: RELATED POST#1 LINK#1: , RELATED POST#2: LINK#2: that the historical roots of the climate change movement of our time is the anti fossil fuel environmentalism of the 1960s and 1970s.

The Latest: 16 arrested at NYC student climate protest - InfoNews

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