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Eddie Peters vs Greta

Posted on: February 11, 2021

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The Eddie Peters Facebook statement describes the horrors of a petroleum free world on Facebook where he presents a list of non emission products of fossil fuels and our need for these products as a case against Greta’s call to climate action to attenuate Anthropogenic Global Warming.

  1. Carpets and toothbrushes are made from Nylon which is made from butadiene and hydrogen cyanide both of which are made from petroleum.
  2. Sink valves in home water systems need elastomer seats made from petroleum.
  3. Home water systems are made from copper pipes and copper is mined and mining machinery needs gear lubrication and tires made from petroleum.
  4. Ore has to be smelted to make metal and that process needs fossil fuel combustion because it can’t be done with electricity.
  5. Even if you could do it all with electricity, those electric wires will need insulation and the insulating material has to be made with petroleum.
  6. Although Sweden’s energy comes mostly from hydro and nuclear, to make those things work we need petroleum products like lubricants, nylon, rubber, asphalt, wax, plastic, and elastic to hold up your underwear while operating a copper smelting furnace.
  7. We can’t make fried eggs for breakfast without a frying pan and we need petroleum products to make frying pans. You can’t fry eggs in a petroleum free world.
  8. Aunt Tilda died of bacterial pneumonia because there was no penicillin to save her. To make penicillin you need isbutyl acetate and that is also a petroleum product.
  9. The unavailability of penicillin is causing a lot of deaths and a lot of dead bodies and we can’t bury them because backhoes need hydraulic oil and crematoriums are also running our of organic fuel to burn bodies.
  10. Boats are made with carbon fiber which also come from petroleum.


The anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and climate change case against fossil fuels is not that we use products made from fossil fuels but that we also burn fossil fuels and that burning fossil fuels puts carbon dioxide up into the air half of which stays in the atmosphere and causes atmospheric CO2 to rise. The root of the problem is that, because we burn fossil fuels, year to year atmospheric CO2 keeps rising and it is proposed that this rise can be stopped if we stop burning fossil fuels. Using fossil fuels for other purposes that do not involve burning fossil fuels and raising atmospheric CO2 has no relevance to the the AGW issue.

The AGW climate action issue is not that we must not use petroleum but that we must not burn it.

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POSTSCRIPT: The Martha Kirtley correction is that the Eddie Peters science of climate science is consistent with the Joe Biden science of climate science.

4 Responses to "Eddie Peters vs Greta"

I have yet to see an example where a factory that makes wind turbines or solar panels is fueled entirely by renewable energy. Even Musk’s gigafactory in Nevada is still powered by the grid. And forget about his gigafactory in Buffalo NY which makes … solar roof tiles.

If renewables can’t be trusted to power the facilities which make renewable energy generation equipment, why should they be relied upon to supply all of our electricity?

Good point sir. Well made. Thank you.

But, but Uncle Joe SAID he would close ALL fossil fuel plants! Did he lie?

You’re right Martha. Maybe I should put in a that correction to note that eddie’s analysis is consistent with joe’s climate science. Thank you for this astute comment.

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