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Posted on: January 3, 2021


Bambi Turns 75! Take a Deeper Look at the Film's Impact on Animation, Risk  Taking and the Loss of a Parent
Sir David recently enjoyed a private viewing of his new documentary in the grounds of Kensington Palace with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, after their children requested to meet him


The pandemic has taken away my access to the natural world so here I am talking to unnatural humans instead. Now that I think of it, the pandemic has actually been a blessing for us humans in the unnatural world because it taught us that when we work together there is no limit to what we can achieve. The critical phrase here is “work together” and that means that there is no room for you to disagree with what I say. Capeesh?

Today we are experiencing environmental change as never before and the need to take action has never been more urgent. In other words today is just like yesterday was and just like tomorrow will be because I say these things every time I open my mouth. This year the unnatural world will gather in Glasgow for the UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE OF THE UNNATURAL WORLD. This United Nations Conference is a crucial moment in the history of the unnatural world. This COULD be a year for positive change. I have learned that when talking about climate change I must use the world COULD and so I have. I must be careful what I say because Antonio Guterres is listening in from behind the curtain with the bookshelf image.

So anyway the Glasgow meeting of UN bureaucrats and all those other bureaucrats from the unnatural world could be a year for positive change in the unnatural world of humans and for the planet itself. {Excuse me I need to flash some pictures of the pitiful third world of the unnatural world. Not sure why but here it is.}

Urbanization in sub-Saharan Africa: Trends and implications for development  and urban risk – Urban Transformations

OK so where was I? Anyway, this United Nations Conference is also a crucial moment in the history of the natural world although I am not sure how something that is good for the unnatural world can also be good for the natural world but here is a picture of the natural world for a feel good moment. I used to be a naturalist before I became a UN salesman to push this climate change thing.

Playful Two Whale Cartoon Background In Blue Ocean, Blue, Ocean, Play  Background Image for Free Download

This Glasgow year is a year the world COULD remember proudly and say we made a difference! As we make our New Year’s resolutions, let’s think about what each of us could do individually to fight climate change. What positive change could we make in our own lives to fight climate change? Yes I know that the only climate action that would work needs a global emission reduction thing with a global carbon budget to which all nations have committed, but us climate salesmen have a weird need to make it personal.

Disney เดินหน้าพัฒนาโพรเจกต์ Bambi เวอร์ชันภาพยนตร์ : ได้มือเขียนบท Captain  Marvel มาร่วมทีม | #beartai





THE NATURAL WORLD: A clean and pure pristine primeval planet earth existed for a billion years in natural perfection, wholeness, and wholesomeness – unpolluted, untainted, untarnished and uncorrupted in the perfection of the harmony of nature. The geology, biology, and climatology were in a state of perfection. The climate was stable and unchanging with no extreme weather. Living creatures both plants and animals lived in peace and tranquility as essential elements of nature itself. There was no ozone depletion, no climate change, no skin cancer, no hurricanes and no species extinction from bad weather. Modern day ecofearology is a yearning of humans for this humanless state of nature – a yearning by humans for a return to what the planet was like before humans came along. The logical impossibility of this yearning becomes irrelevant with age.


HUMAN POLLUTION: Meanwhile a planet far far away was being poisoned to death by evil humans. After their planet died from fossil fuel poisoning and ozone depletion, these humans set out on space ships to find a new planet to live on. They found the planet earth. The devil thus appeared on earth in the form of humans who came on spaceships from outer space . Humans are not part of the natural world but an external force alien to nature and an abomination. They will soon turn this heavenly planet into a living hell with human activity because their nature is to consume, pollute, and destroy.
HUNTER GATHERERS: At first the alien humans were relatively harmless living off the land as hunter gatherers in harmony with nature. But they were just biding their time and waiting for their population to grow into the population bomb to which they aspire. When their population reached 6 million, they made their first move for the conquest of the natural world and the planet itself. It was a fundamental change in human behavior that has come to be called the Neolithic Revolution.

Early human settlement, artwork

THE NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION: In the Neolithic Revolution, the humans gave up their eco-friendly hunter-gatherer lifestyle and cleared forests to build homes and farms and to grow crops and raise animals in an extensive and intensive land use change that would forever alter the ecology of the earth and threaten the natural world. The Neolithic Revolution was immensely successful for the humans who now commanded incredible wealth and immense power over the natural world. Their population grew rapidly in a population explosion from 6 million to 60 million. By the year 1750 the population of humans had surged to one billion. Their affluence from agriculture, tool-making, medical care, and new knowledge about the earth had rapidly increased their power against the natural world.


But the greater and more devastating change was yet to come in the form of the Industrial Revolution made possible with the transition in the source of energy of humans from animal power, wind, and running water to machines burning hydrocarbon fuels dug up from under the ground. This new found energy source and the machines that it made possible gave humans immense power. The unnatural world was taking over the planet and the natural world would soon be at their mercy.


By the year 1950, the population of humans had more than doubled to 2.5 billion and more and more machines were invented so that almost everything the humans did was driven by fossil fueled machines. These included cars and trucks for surface transportation, fossil fueled ships for crossing the oceans, and fossil fueled aircraft for their conquest of the atmosphere. Nuclear bombs were invented, tested, and used. Space travel was opening up new tools and ways for humans to conquer nature.

THE UNNATURAL WORLD WAS TAKING OVER THE PLANET TO CREATE THE ANTHROPOCENE AND SOON THE ANTHROPOCENE of the unnatural world would be in full force. Whereas the unnatural world had once been at the mercy of the natural world, the tables had been turned! The natural world and the planet itself were now at the mercy of humans and the unnatural world. The consequences of these changes and of the implications of the complete capture of the natural world by the unnatural world created the new science of Ecofearology. THE SCIENCE OF ECOFEAROLOGY involves the study of the natural world and the unnatural world in a science with NINE PRINCIPLES.

WWF TES Classroom Resource - Oceans and Plastics Pollution | WWF

PRINCIPLE#1: There are no natural or cyclical changes on earth. All measured changes in nature are trends, all trends are bad for the planet, and all trends are human caused.
PRINCIPLE#2: The concentration of all chemicals in the atmosphere and oceans is important. If the concentration is going up it’s a bad thing and its accretion is caused by human activity. Higher concentrations of this thing will be the end of the world.
PRINCIPLE#3: If the concentration is going down it’s a bad thing and its depletion is caused by human activity. If we run out of this thing it will be the end of the world.
PRINCIPLE#4: Humans are not part of nature but space aliens that invaded this once pristine planet. The planet was fine until the dreaded humans arrived.
PRINCIPLE#5: All human caused trends lead to catastrophic results for the environment and by extension, the planet itself. It is not possible for a human caused trend to benefit the planet because humans are not part of nature but space aliens and unnatural.
PRINCIPLE#6: Human scientists can save the planet from the other humans because the impact of bad human intervention in nature can be undone only by good human intervention prescribed by human scientists because they know a lot of science and physics and stuff like that. Human intervention is necessary to save the planet from human intervention.
PRINCIPLE#7: Even if deniers find fault with the science of human caused catastrophe, we must ignore the deniers because we can’t take the chance that the scientists could turn out to be right.
PRINCIPLE#8: If you don’t find any human caused planetary emergency that threatens the destruction of Nature and the world, it is because you have not looked closely enough. You must work harder and keep looking until you find it.
PRINCIPLE#9: The human invaders of this once pristine planet are now the managers of nature and the operators of the planet. Therefore we humans must take care of nature and run the planet because nature can no longer take care of itself like it once did now that the human invaders are here.



  1. This man is such a treasure
  2. Please don’t die
  3. Perfectly said, sir
  4. I don’t know why, but his voice is so soothing. Stay well Attenborough!
  5. 6 years old hear his voice. 21 years old still hear his voice.
  6. Our planet is truly perfect. It’s just that not everyone see’s it that way.
  7. Thank you Sir Attenborough. Here’s hoping 2021 will be the year we’ve all been patiently waiting for…
  8. The voice that continues to rule the world
  10. Mr Attenborough is a treasure, and I will listen to him without reservation.
  11. If I could pick one person to live forever I would chose David Attenborough. No question
  12. I need this man to live forever. He’s a treasure
  13. I will listen to anything Sir David Attenborough says! 1 day ago
  14. Legendary narrator with a great voice. He made his work iconic using his talent. Any adjective will be less to describe the greatness of his powerful voice. I wish god will reward him with immortality through his voice, his work. Infinity number of thanks for your tireless contribution to the entertainment and nature.
  15. Hello David , I admire you as a human being and as a spokesman for our planet. Thank you and best regards from Lloyd somewhere here in Ontario Canada
  16. Absolutely to all the positive comments here… Can’t imagine a world without Sir David Attenborough… The voice of reason… May he be with us for a long long time… We need him more than ever before… The animal world, the planet needs him.
  17. We are doing it David, we helped save the Alaskan wildlife from oil companies, more than 5 million of us stopped it
  18. It is so sad that we don’t have millions of humans like this one!
  19. I love him he’s a legend
  20. I’m just glad David told us this message ’cause he’s the only person that can tell us very important news for the planetary ecosystem.
  21. His voice is so powerful
  22. Our planet will be happy only when humans disappear, it’s hard, but true
  23. When Sir Attenborough talks, people listen.
  24. Holy smokes…this video, the music and Attenborough’s voice gave me chills and nearly tears in my eyes
  25. Love David Attenborough and hope people listen to his massage
  26. I absolutely love this man. i wish every single person on this planet was like him.
  27. We have learned so much from him. Lets share his message. God Bless Us All In 2021.
  28. I got speechless watching this!!
  29. Thank God we still have some people like you,Sir.David!! May others can learn about your advice!!
  30. 🌎❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏
Secretary-General's address at Columbia University: "The State of the  Planet" | United Nations Secretary-General

2020 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP26)

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The Great Oracle of Davidism is the Blessed Computer Model, which is why Davidism (and the other branches of the Holy Church of Climate Alarmism) all date to around 1980 and the Rise of the Computer. Before that, we had to interact with the real world; now we can create our own worlds by just tweaking the model… or the data.

PRINCIPLE#7: Even if deniers find fault with the science of human caused catastrophe, we must ignore the deniers because we can’t take the chance that the scientists could turn out to be right.

“… we can’t take the chance that the scientists could turn out to be right.”

“… the scientists could turn out to be right.”

and they could turn out to be wrong just like all their all their porphesies

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