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How to talk with climate deniers

Posted on: September 28, 2019





  1. Denier: “There’s no evidence of global warming, and computer models are unreliable.”  The Science: Scientists don’t need computer models to tell them global warming is under way. For that, they can look to surface-temperature records .
  2. Denier: “Global temperatures stopped rising in 1998.”   The Science: the 10 hottest years on record have all come since 1998. 
  3. Denier: Glaciers are actually growing?   The Science:  Some glaciers are stable, and a few are even growing, but many that provide key freshwater supplies are melting at an alarming rate.
  4. Denier: The climate has changed before, so we can’t be blamed for changing it now.   The Science:  Earth’s climate has changed lots of times without human help, but does that really mean humans are incapable of changing it? That’s like arguing that humans can’t start bush fires because in the past they’ve happened naturally.
  5. Denier: Global warming is good for humans.   The ScienceCO2 does boost plant growth, and warmer weather can initially benefit crops in northern regions. But this view ignores vast, long-term dangers in favor of scattered short-term benefits. 
  6. CAUTION: It is easy to be insulting and talk down to these uninformed people so please be careful and be kind


Source: Mother Nature Network: [LINK]

5 Responses to "How to talk with climate deniers"

I don’t understand, Jamal. Have you changed sides in the Man-made Global Warming/Climate Change CRISIS debate?

No mr. Cool. Just making fun of the crazy things the other side says.

Guess old age is making my brain thicker…and more difficult to figure things (concepts) out. Damn I don’t like getting old.

Me too Mr Cool. My grandpa the rice trader used to say that if you live long enough death comes as a relief. He keeled over and died at 97 while trading rice and arguing about the price.

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