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Letter from Martin Kuntsmann, Chemist

Posted on: August 12, 2019


The Geology of Interglacials

The Geology of ENSO

About the Arctic

About Antarctica

Svalbard Climate Oddities

Sea Ice Anomalies in the Chukchi Sea








  1. Northeast Lua Response Cruise, May5-13,2009 [LINK]   – I had  conversations with Robert Embley, one of the scientists on this and subsequent cruises. In 2014, I became interested in underwater volcanic activity as a source of heat triggering El Ninos since it didn’t seem logical that CO2/GHGs could be triggering them. Although at the time he was unaware of heat emanating from the lower layers of the Pacific Ocean, he did give me a reference later on indicating heat in a lower layer [LINK] and enjoyed communicating with him until the government cut it off.
  2. Magma chamber grows beneath New Zealand, COSMOS Earth Sciences June 6, 2016. Ocean warming, not atmospheric temperature, may be main contributor to glacier retreat, Science/Environment, July14,2016.
  3. Three articles relating to the Earth’s magnetic field #1: Does an anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field portend a coming pole reversal? [LINK] , #2: How Scientists Are Tracking a Dangerous Weakening of Earth’s Magnetic Field, [LINK] #3: Clay jars store clues to Earth’s magnetic field strength [LINK]
  4. Vast lake of molten carbon discovered under western US [LINK]  
  5. Two articles about the East Pacific Rise and Climate Change:  #1: [LINK]  #2: Kinematics and dynamics of the East Pacific Rise linked to a stable, deep-mantle upwelling,  Rowley et al. Sci. Adv. 2016; 2:e1601107 23 December 2016.
  6. The river of molten iron: river-discovered speeding beneath Russia and Canada [LINK]  
  7. Massive lake of molten carbon under the USA [LINK]
  8. A Lava Lamp inside the earth (a description of the mantle in plain language [LINK]
Hope you find this of some interest with respect to climate change. Marty

3 Responses to "Letter from Martin Kuntsmann, Chemist"

I read the article citing the lake of carbonite below the US…I think they got the numbers backwards…the words millions and billions for carbon below and annual man made CO2…they were inverted, yes?

Thank you. I will look into this.

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