Thongchai Thailand

Table of Contents

Posted on: October 20, 2018



  1. Carbon Budgets and Climate Mitigation Pathways
  2. Climate Change: India’s Rivers Running Dry
  3. Summary: Human Caused Global Warming and Climate Change
  4. Climate Change: NASA Proves Human Cause
  5. Younger Dryas & Abrupt Climate Change
  6. The Eemian Interglacial
  7. Fossil Fuel Emissions and Atmospheric Composition
  8. Beef and Climate Change
  9. Will Emission Reduction Change the Rate of Warming?
  10. Attenuating Sea Level Rise by Cutting Emissions
  11. TCRU: A Parody of the TCRE
  12. Trends in Tropical Cyclone Activity
  13. Global Warming Drought in the Southwest
  15. PETM Overview & Bibliography
  16. Climate Change Refugees
  17. Spurious Correlations in Time Series Data
  18. 1C AGW Since Pre-Industrial Times
  19. A Natural Recovery from the LIA?
  20. Aerosols and Climate Change
  21. Ocean Heat Content
  22. Unprecedented Warming of the Arctic
  23. Ocean Acidification by Fossil Fuel Emissions
  24. Hurst Persistence in UAH Temperature?
  25. A Test for ECS Climate Sensitivity in Observational Data
  26. HadCRUT4 Empirical ECS 1850-2017
  27. Climate Change and Hurricanes
  28. HadCRUT4 Mean Global Temperature Reconstruction Uncertainty
  29. Total Hurricane Energy & Fossil Fuel Emissions
  30. Correlation Between Cumulative Emissions and Cumulative Sea Level Rise
  31. A CO2 Radiative Forcing Seasonal Cycle?
  32. Climate Change: Theory vs Data
  33. Correlation of CMIP5 Forcings with Temperature
  34. Is the Solar Cycle Chaotic?
  35. Climate Scientist Proves Human Cause
  36. Stratospheric Cooling
  37. The Holocene Climate Optimum: A Bibliography
  38. Temperature Trend Profiles & the Seasonal Cycle
  39. Climate Change: Late Bronze Age Collapse
  40. Climate Sensitivity Research: 2014-2018
  41. Brewer-Dobson Circulation Bibliography
  42. Empirical Test of Ozone Depletion
  43. History of the Ozone Depletion Scare
  44. The Answer is Blowing in the Wind
  45. Antarctic Sea Ice: 1979-2018
  46. Tidal Cycles: A Bibliography
  47. Does Global Warming Drive Changes in Arctic Sea Ice?
  48. Superstition, Confirmation Bias, and Climate Change
  49. Climate Impact of the Kuwait Oil Fires: A Bibliography
  50. Global Warming and Arctic Sea Ice: A Bibliography
  51. Carl Wunsch 2010
  52. Little Ice Age Climatology: A Bibliography
  53. Noctilucent Clouds: A Bibliography
  54. The Anthropocene
  55. Event Attribution Case Study Citations
  56. Event Attribution Science: A Case Study
  57. Gerald Marsh, A Theory of Ice Ages
  58. Peer Review Comments on Callendar 1938
  59. The Greenhouse Effect of Atmospheric CO2
  60. Carl Sagan on Climate Change 1980
  61. Climate Change Denial Research: 2001-2018
  62. Climate Change Impacts Research
  63. Anti Fossil Fuel Activists wary of Climate Change Denialists
  65. History of the Global Warming Scare Chapter 6: 2005-2010
  66. History of the Global Warming Scare Chapter 5: 2000-2005
  67. History of the Global Warming Scare Chapter 4: 1995-2000
  68. History of the Global Warming Movement: Chapter 3: 1990-1995
  69. The history of the global warming scare Chapter 2: 1985-1990
  70. History of the global warming scare Chapter 1: 1980-1985
  71. A Nobel Prize for Service to Humanity
  72. Carbon Cycle Measurement Problems Solved with Circular Reasoning
  73. Spurious Correlations in Climate Science
  74. Nonlinear Dynamics: Is Climate Chaotic?
  75. Elevated CO2 and Crop Chemistry
  76. Fishing for climate calamity?
  77. Climate Science 2007: “Dearth of scientific knowledge only adds to the alarm”
  78. Climate Science versus the FangZhi: 2005
  79. The Population Bomb Update: 2010
  80. Global Warming Causes Volcanic Eruption: 2010
  81. The Eve of Destruction by Climate Change
  82. Peer Review in a 97% Consensus Science
  83. ECS: Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity
  84. TCRE: Transient Climate Response to Cumulative Emissions
  85. Demonstration of Spurious Correlations in Climate Science
  86. AGW: Trends in Daily Station Data
  87. Ozone Depletion Chemistry
  88. Human Caused Global Warming

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