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A Nobel Prize for Service to Humanity

Posted on: May 31, 2018

Reference: After Nobel Gore should go for the next big prize, Bangkok Post, Oct 16, 2007

The goofiness of the Nobel Committee is grossly underrated. Robert Merton and Myron Scholes must have thought they had been certified as Lords of Finance when they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics until their hedge fund called Long Term Capital Management did a nose dive and almost brought down the American financial system. More recently the Nobel Prize was awarded to scientists who had warned us that that human activity was causing ozone depletion and making the ozone hole bigger. They were allowed to keep their prizes even after it became apparent that the observed changes in the ozone layer were part of a natural cycle having to do with shifting winds in the upper atmosphere and NOT due to human activity.

In its latest goof, the Nobel Committee has awarded a prize for service to humanity to people who see humanity as the enemy of the earth and whose stated goal could be achieved simply by eliminating humanity from the face of the earth. Besides, the movie about global warming An Inconvenient Truth has been widely discredited as being biased and containing not only exaggerations but outright lies and scientific fraud.

The award of the Nobel Prize to these snake oil salesmen does not prove that the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis is correct. That proof can only be provided by empirical evidence. The fact that Gore was awarded a prize by a committee of five Norwegians appointed by the Norwegian legislature does not vindicate Gore. If anything it discredits the Nobel committee. If the Nobel Prize is to be made into a global prize then it should be removed from the confines of Norwegian goofiness and opened up to a more global evaluation.


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Never a truer word written …..

[…] A Nobel Prize for Service to Humanity […]

[…] A Nobel Prize for Service to Humanity […]

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