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Fishing for climate calamity?

Posted on: May 23, 2018

The eco scare that human activity is killing off the fish in the oceans predates climate change. In the BC days (before-climate), a combination of over-fishing, seafaring, and discharges of plastics and pollution into the oceans by humans were cited (“Sea’s riches running out”, 1977). In AC times (after climate) there is of course only one cause for all things and that is human caused global warming by way of fossil fuel emissions (Oceans running out of fish, Bangkok Post, 1994), (Ocean’s fish could disappear, Bangkok Post, May 19, 2010), (A New Warning Says We Could Run Out of Fish by 2048, HuffPost, Dec 14, 2017), (All seafood will run out in 2050, say scientists, The Telegraph, 22 May 2018), (Oceans are running out of fish much faster than previously thought, ZME Science, 20 January 2016).


In the AC after-climate era, causes of the fish apocalypse is described in terms of rising ocean temperature and ocean acidification by fossil fuel emissions. As well, the language of fish apocalypse is changed from gradual reduction in numbers to “depletion at alarming rates” and that marine life on earth is “at a breaking point”. There is also a timeline given for when the oceans will become devoid of fish. That will happen in the year 2050. Unless of course we get serious about the Paris Accord, stop using dirty polluting fossil fuels, and save the planet. And the fish.

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[…] Fishing for climate calamity? […]

[…] Fishing for climate calamity? […]

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