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Global Warming Causes Volcanic Eruption: 2010

Posted on: May 21, 2018

The Eyjafjallajoekull Eruption: 2010








Reference: Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes, Bangkok Post, April 17, 2010


1.Global warming scientists have come up with the idea that carbon dioxide causes volcanic eruptions in Iceland. The argument goes that carbon dioxide emissions cause global warming, global warming in turn causes glaciers in Iceland to melt, and melting glaciers lighten the weight of the ice cap on volcanoes and thereby trigger eruptions (Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes, Bangkok Post, April 17, 2010).
2. It is clearly a sinister attempt to ride the media wave created by the volcanic eruption under the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier and to use that fear factor to sell the war against carbon dioxide. The reality is of course very different. Melting glaciers do not cause volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions cause melting glaciers.
3. We now know that much of the glacier melt that the global warming people tried to pin on carbon dioxide was actually caused by geothermal activity under the ice not just in Iceland but also in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and in Greenland.
4. In the heydays of the global warming movement glacial advances were ignored and glacial retreats exaggerated and ascribed to carbon dioxide emissions. Geothermal effects were not considered even after it became known that the melt data on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet were taken from a region with volcanic activity under the ice (The fire below, Bangkok Post, April 28, 2008).
5. Now that the volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull has erupted and broken through the ice for all to see, can we expect yet another humiliating retraction from climate scientists with respect to retreating glaciers in Iceland along the lines of their retraction of the state of impending catastrophe about retreating glaciers in the Himalayas?

4 Responses to "Global Warming Causes Volcanic Eruption: 2010"

You are so correct, IPCC Will be scripting another report very soon..
Keep up the great work…and check a few interesting posts of my own too… how’s the Golfing going?

Yep. Hey, the center of the earth is NOT frozen…much of it is molten!

[…] Global Warming Causes Volcanic Eruption: 2010 […]

[…] Global Warming Causes Volcanic Eruption: 2010 […]

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