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Odd prose from the Bangkok Post

Posted on: August 11, 2010

The massacre of an aid group would rank as a war atrocity if the Taliban recognized such acts or terms.

The aid group was wiped out, he said, because they were American spies and preaching Christianity.

This would be a shocking cruel justification if it were true.

In the event, however, the Taliban leadership is lying.

The members of the group were Christian but never had preached their religion.

If the Taliban is to be denied a return to power and terrorist sponsorship, much effort will be required.

An infrastructure of altruistic foreigners is vital to help Afghans build a decent country.

The Taliban will crush decent people and goals.

2 Responses to "Odd prose from the Bangkok Post"

So you’re saying that if a force is going to overcome the Taliban, they better not be limping?

only the afghans can overcome the taliban

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