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Performance of Green stocks April 2008 to June 2010

Posted on: July 10, 2010

The performance of green stocks is assessed as the weighted average value of green ETFs in excess of a corresponding normalized value of the S&P500 index with the difference set at zero at the beginning of the comparison period. The chart below shows that over the period from April 2008 to June 2010, green stocks have lost almost have their value relative to the S&P500 stocks.

5 Responses to "Performance of Green stocks April 2008 to June 2010"

I hope there’s none of Jamal’s April-June 2008 money in that curve.

none. thank goodness. the point of the exercise is that the composite value of green stocks reflects the current market value of the climate change agenda.

This is all the more amazing given the massive subsidies that go into “green” companies.

i will post an attachment later that shows in a case study of one listed green company that the value of the subsidy is all that’s left in the value of the stock.

[…] pal Jamal Munshi provides a chart indicating the dismal performance of “green” […]

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