Thongchai Thailand

Odd prose from the Bangkok Post

Posted on: July 10, 2010

A vicarious effect of the naming of the two committees, which can turn out to be the best thing after all, is that it is inspiring.

Although Bhutan’s tobacco ban is rigorously enforced, its government does not have the hindrance of owning and operating a thriving tobacco monopoly.

Mr Anand noted on the day the committee members were revealed that reforming Thailand “is not up to the two of us”.

It is doomed to fail or be left on the shelf to gather dust if the public does not put its mind into it.

It seems to have given many people a reason to be hopeful again, after being enclosed in the doom and gloom of seemingly endless political conflicts.

The members have not only achieved so much in their respective fields of work but they also come from a variety of backgrounds that will complement their mission.

The task of national reform will be tackled with a balance of intellectual exuberance and practical knowledge.

There is room for the public to start feeling hopeful.

It is uplifting to see so many people who have led a life of integrity join hands to find a better hope for the nation.

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