Thongchai Thailand

Odd prose from the Bangkok Post

Posted on: May 10, 2010

The older generation will need to retire later, but also acquire skills that employers need.

With better medical care people are living longer and each successive generation is smaller than the last.

In a traditional home environment 3 to 5 generations often lived together under the same roof and many still do.

Mr Aquino held a raucous campaign but little hard political talk.

Mr Aquino is a multi-millionaire from the family fortune.

Past elections have caused complaints and lawsuits.

The voting machinery seemed a prime suspect even before a vote was cast.

Murderous intimidation has proved impossible to wipe out.

The voters will do their part to make the election democratic.

The country is holding the election according to the law.

But the lawful, scheduled election will not necessarily be smooth.

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