Thongchai Thailand

Odd prose from the Bangkok Post

Posted on: May 7, 2010

Troops will encounter entirely different people eating different food and unfamiliar with Thailand.

Sudan, first and foremost, is outside of Asia.

Any form of hate speech should not be tolerated.

In our internet age the mass media is no longer limited to organisations.

Hate speech in all forms should not be allowed.

Nor the use of royalism as a political tool to destroy rivals and the violent reactions to perceived violations.

If anything the most lethal is our social immaturity.

The media could have done much better to give the big picture of the problem instead of reporting only the surface of daily phenomena.

A government that is either overthrown or installed by a mob is not democratic.

Political protest can no longer be permitted to stop democracy in its tracks.

Mr Abhisit has managed to calm the savage speech for the moment.

But when the red shirts dismantle their barricades this should only be the first step.

The announcement by the UDD should end the group’s occupation of central Bangkok.

There are slim chances they could use either force or negotiating skills in such a charged atmosphere.

Peace-keeping is already a difficult job, because everyone involved in potential conflict is Sudanese.

The Thai troops are scheduled to step into the southern area.

The two main opposition candidates withdrew in protest at poll-rigging.

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