Thongchai Thailand

Odd prose from the Bangkok Post: 2

Posted on: April 25, 2010

Let’s not make excuses for a heap of corpses ever again.

Over a thousand people assembled at the police station forcing officials to dissolve the mob.

Some 79 more died from suffocation and from being herded like cattle while in custody – which equals manslaughter.

And if you hit an animal that big, imagine what your car, and yourself, would be like.

The service provided at individual police stations has improved out of sight.

We’re killing each other with no end in sight.

There are people who say that ocean cruises are expensive and therefore not worth the fun.

Mr Bush must continue to develop his plans for fighting terrorism and his economic policies.

No single nation will defeat the threat to life and happiness posed by groups claiming to be Islamic extremists.

The Koran expressly forbids kidnapping at all

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