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Acid rain cures climate change

Posted on: April 24, 2010

Bright scientific minds at NASA have come up with the idea that acid rain is good because it kills bacteria in wetlands and reduces the biological production of methane by nature. Methane is bad because it causes global warming. NASA has taken global warming weirdness to new heights. It is unsettling to think that these bozos are in charge of our space program. This study should serve as a wake up call to pull the plug on these nerds and to turn over space exploration to the private sector.



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  • chaamjamal: Fully agree. Maybe we did the UN all wrong. Can we erase and start over?
  • brianrlcatt: China will be fine, because it is the plot they helped organise to cripple the West through the UN, led by Maurice Strong. Agenda 21 is an idea of how
  • chaamjamal: Yes sir. It looks bleak. Thank you for your insight.
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