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The massacre of an aid group would rank as a war atrocity if the Taliban recognized such acts or terms.

The aid group was wiped out, he said, because they were American spies and preaching Christianity.

This would be a shocking cruel justification if it were true.

In the event, however, the Taliban leadership is lying.

The members of the group were Christian but never had preached their religion.

If the Taliban is to be denied a return to power and terrorist sponsorship, much effort will be required.

An infrastructure of altruistic foreigners is vital to help Afghans build a decent country.

The Taliban will crush decent people and goals.

The process of national reconciliation does not stand a chance even of getting started.

It called for a ban on the use of shackles in order to conform with the United Nations’ principle on human rights.

Home care from migrant women perfectly answers their needs.

Where will they live the last days when the hospital bills have exhausted their life long savings?

When they insist on staying underground they get arrested.

The legal wage and health welfare do not come with their legal status.

Death has to stare you in the face in order to understand her feelings.

Thailand is quickly becoming an ageing society with little support for things to come.

Most elderly women cannot dream to have this.

Pyongyang backhanded the United Nations.

International observers determined the events that sank the Cheonan.

The government has repeatedly slapped the UN and other diplomatic groups.

North Korea is a long-time security threat.

Pyongyang should stop its rabble-rousing threats.

South Korea has conducted military exercises without a threat towards North Korea.

Instead of UN engagement with North Korea, the world is left with large war games.

China is giving North Korea cover for the most scandalous and harmful behavior.

The continual shielding of North Korea is a shocking act by China.

North Korea denied the act.

That was a serious act of war.

North Korea increased tension in the region with a number of steps.

North Korea could lower the growing tension with merely a few steps.

It is possible to agree that Mr Korkaew might say something harsh.

The law does not recognise that a person might violate the law by speech.

There is a need to take action against illegal writing or speech which incites.

The blocking of websites has spread the idea that censorship is a policy and weapon of the government and other authorities.

Such questionable censorship seems to have gained ground.

The censorship board has the power to gag TV and radio material before it is broadcast.

The EC may believe Mr Korkaew will go beyond speech permitted by election candidates.

Under common practice and the Constitution, each citizen has freedom of speech.

Mr Praphan said that the speeches, which he has not heard, could be inappropriate.

Interview with Jeremy Browne MP, Minister of State, UK, by the Bangkok Post

Question: British citizens in Thailand are concerned about the high fees charged by the Embassy for routine services. Why is the fee for passport renewal 150 pounds in Bangkok and only 77 pounds in London?

Answer: The Thai government helped to keep our staff safe during the red shirt protests for which we are very grateful. It was a difficult time for everyone and one of our primary concerns was for the safety of not just our staff but our customers too.

But cash baby bonuses are not on the agenda.

China can retrieve its irresponsible error of blocking UN action.

But China has let not only itself but the world down.

By extension, he chipped the government’s credibility.

The few violent regimes only back up words with force.

Mr Thepthai is taken seriously by media and opinion makers.

A military style training camp is a major offence against the peace and security of the nation. In addition to treason, any group setting up such training camps would effectively be declaring war on the institutions.

The idea of multiple, military-style training camps in the country would be troubling and more.

A vicarious effect of the naming of the two committees, which can turn out to be the best thing after all, is that it is inspiring.

Although Bhutan’s tobacco ban is rigorously enforced, its government does not have the hindrance of owning and operating a thriving tobacco monopoly.

Mr Anand noted on the day the committee members were revealed that reforming Thailand “is not up to the two of us”.

It is doomed to fail or be left on the shelf to gather dust if the public does not put its mind into it.

It seems to have given many people a reason to be hopeful again, after being enclosed in the doom and gloom of seemingly endless political conflicts.

The members have not only achieved so much in their respective fields of work but they also come from a variety of backgrounds that will complement their mission.

The task of national reform will be tackled with a balance of intellectual exuberance and practical knowledge.

There is room for the public to start feeling hopeful.

It is uplifting to see so many people who have led a life of integrity join hands to find a better hope for the nation.

Dreaming is the mental evolution between sleep and consciousness.

Congee does not have enough nutrients to benefit your body at all.

Community land ownership is against capitalism based on individual ownership.

And the land rights movement has another problem within which is political divisiveness.

With fierce resistance from the Ministry their community land reform plans cannot begin.

Thus, if a minister does not take bribes the bureaucrats under him would hardly dare do so.

It should seek foreign assistance in mediating with the opposition.

The report is probably going to inspire some controversy of its own.

But the criticism of the ICG is nothing that the government has not heard.

Only an election can hopefully put an end to this important disagreement.

The body of Tdaaki Okada, 60, was found dead yesterday.

To the average Thai trying to grasp the enormity of the trade, this is an almost impossible amount of illicit drugs to comprehend. Yet, by their own estimates, it is only about 10 per cent of drugs on the street in Thailand.

Too late, tens of thousands have sought help to kick their habits.

The revelation must be a matter of national concern.

Counterparts had a name for the suspected mastermind: Abudila Romli.

The gang leaders never have said what they want.

The country only has Thai as its official language.

English is still considered the most influential language for international communication.

There are numerous reasons that most of the world needs to consider the use of energy.

The USEIA predicted that Americans would need 14% more energy between now and 2035.

The government has no policy either on nuclear energy or on how to achieve energy conservation at all.

Producing power abroad and importing it has no effect on conservation.

Rushing into a panic-driven solution won’t work. Neither will putting off necessary decisions.