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33 Responses to "About"

Dear Jamal sir

I came across your older site and the wbt section in it. It was wonderful.
I read and researched on it a lot.

The most amazing thing i found (among others!!) was the one in which the man disappears from a bar in south Africa and appears in Utah in USA. I would like to have that reference/link which is valid (brad steiger is written) The fact is titled “loopholes in space?”

I would love it if you helped me through this!

Please sir, if you have time, reply to me with the info.

with regards

sorry sir but the web service that hosted the document has gone out of business and the page has disappeared. Here are some kind people who have tried to preserve some of that very fine list.

Hello Ajay, I found that a man named gerardus had preserved a copy of that old page. I posted it on blogspot for you. here is the link.

i recall that this note had appeared in my weird-but-true page about a decade ago. the reference is of course brad steiger. his home page is
hope this helps.
thank you for your comment.

Thank you for helping awaken society to reality, indelibly recorded in exact rest masses of the ~3,000 types of atoms that comprise all matter:

I have watched with interest your contributions to the climate discussions. I am not a math person so appreciate you and others that can parse the convoluted data sets.
Do you have the ability to check the math in:

It would truly be transformative if it is right.
Thank you.

I will take a look. Thanks.

A proof of the greenhouse effect of co2 was put forth by climate scientists in terms of the difference in surface temp among the planets. Ned shows that these differences can be explained in terms of pv=nrt and that therefore they do not serve as proof of the greenhouse effect of co2.

I have provided a more direct proof. I showed that the equilibrium climate sensitivity depends on a spurious correlation. Please my posts labeled as ecs and as spurious correlations in climate science.

Hallo Jamal,
Greetings from Germany. Greenhouse effect is mainly driven by water wapor. So the only focus on CO2 is Quatsch! Climate is driven mostly from decadal ocean oscillation and other sources (sun) So far, there is no way to predict the climate.
sincerely marty

Brief and powerful message from Germany. Thank you Marty. Danke.

Thank you for this post. I am currently discussing this as a larger discussion on climate change and my friend has stated:
“The lack of short-term relationships is absolutely irrelevant to the concerns climate advocates have over long-term effects of human emissions.”
He seems adamant that the lack of correlation on annual or even decadal timescale is not enough to discount future catastrophe caused by our emissions. I cannot see the validity of his position.

Perhaps it is based in the TCR idea based on the proportionality of temperature with cumulative emissions.

Sorry but i am not a fan of the nikolov hypothesis. Pv=nrt may explain temp diff aming planets but how can it explain warming in this planet?

AGW is theory. There is no evidence of human caused global warming or ‘climate change’. @LeslieSSB is hypocrite! Demand science proof of AGW from her !

Hello Jamal, found you via Judith’s site. Please take a look at my website, I think you will find it eye opening. Marc.

Cannot find you on Twitter any more. Banned? or just give up educating idiots?

Sorry about that. I decided to punch out of twitter but pls stay connected through this blog. Thank you for remembering me.

Some good news then, thanks for update.

There is so much idiocy on Twitter. I miss your ability to cut through the idiocy.

Thank you for this blog. I read every post. Please keep researching and writing.

Great site! Real gold for sure.

Thank you

I’ve been commenting on Craig Kelly MP Facebook page recently. He’s one of the few climate realists in Australian politics, and getting a big response to his posts which methodically debunk the cultists climate change =bushfires. Just found your site from a link on WattsUp; I expect to be borrowing some of your research now ! Happy to share ideas if there’s an opportunity from here in my CM Tambon.

Happy to meet you sir

Hi Chaamjamal,

I have been wondering recently about ‘ocean acidification’ and ‘warming oceans’. If it is true that warmer sea water can hold less CO2, how does that square with increasing ocean acidification (more correctly decreasing alkalinity)?

I haven’t yet been able to find anything that relates these two things, which to my mind should be part of the same equation. More atmospheric CO2 is supposed more ocean uptake, but warmer oceans would mean less ocean uptake. Isn’t there a fundamental contradiction here? Or am I misunderstanding things?

Would you care to comment?


The temperature curve describes the relationship between water temperature and equilubrium partial pressure of co2. If the partial ptessure of co2 in the atmosphere is less than that we will have co2 moving from water to air and if it is more than that co2 will move from air to water.

Thanks for the reply. That’s given me some points to research. The key being that the system will always respond to a disturbance by tending towards a state of equilibrium (which may or may not be a different set of values than before the disturbance).

Yes sir. Here are more details. Scroll down to “henry’s law”

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