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Posted on: February 21, 2022

A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse: Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief Kindle Edition

Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief


Public media is awash with the deteriorating state of our planet. Every new climate report shows a worse scenario than the one before, and the prophesized outcome is always the same – worldwide disaster! In A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse, Vítězslav Kremlík delivers a refreshing and objective analysis of the history and science behind climate change. Books about climate change frequently endorse a narrow, often malicious angle of total indoctrination or abject denial of the official story. Kremlík employs a direct and detailed critique of not only the studies that have led to our current understanding of large-scale changes in the weather but also the political biases and motives behind global action taken in response to it. Proceed step-by-step through the history of how we came to understand everything we currently do about climate change, including natural climate cycles, modern carbon footprints and pollution, periods of extreme weather, ocean acidification, biofuels, climate doomsayers, hockey stick graphs, and our dear old friend Al Gore. Kremlík’s informative guide offers an expert-backed new perspective on the history and politics of our understanding of climate change and the agendas behind those who speak most vocally on it or enforce policies that affect us all. With well-researched and cited real-world findings and examples, it calls all of us to wake up to an accurate and educated view of what is and has been happening to our planet—and what we ought or ought not to do about it.


(Review#1): VACLAV CLAUS

The author describes the attempts at suppressing any criticism of this dark doctrine, and he decries the efforts to muzzle dissenting voices who refuse to bow before this new atheistic religion… (he) demonstrates an extraordinary range of knowledge and viewpoints, presenting an interdisciplinary analysis in the best sense of the word in order to tackle an extremely broad and poorly defined topic. I believe that this lively and convincing book will find its readers and that it will make an important contribution to our not-so-successful battle with climate alarmism.” {Václav Klaus, Former president of the Czech Republic}

(Review#2): (GRAHAM SEIBERT)

This book covers just about every significant topic related to climate change, debunking the prevalent myths. Each of the chapters could be a book, and the authors have read the appropriate books and provide links to them in the footnotes. The chapters themselves provide easily digested summaries. Power and control are the themes that unite all of the discussions. The people who shape your opinion have strong vested interests in getting you to see things their way. There is a vast amount of money to be made in scaring us. Global warming is a huge industry. The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, sells electric cars, solar panels and such, none of which would not be profitable without vast government subsidies. The subsidies make no sense absent the fear of global warming. Scientists have been divided on the reality of global warming since the beginning. However, the believers in global warming have convinced the voters, and they in turn have convinced government and academia to throw billions of dollars at global warming. Scientists who don’t believe in it lose their funding and their ability to publish. There is a strong financial incentive to embrace the hysteria. The same can be seen in the other hysterias of our age. There is a huge amount of philanthropic money backing social justice, culminating in Black Lives matter. Conversely, authors who believe that there are meaningful and measurable differences among human populations find it very hard to get published. The gender warriors made a lot of money in the ’90s decrying the “fact” that girls were ignored in school. Untrue – even then they were the majority, with better grades. Abigail Schrier’s recent “Irreversible Damage” describes the lucrative industry that has grown up around convincing kids they were born the wrong sex, and treating the made-up problem. There is a huge amount of money in pharmaceuticals. That’s the province of another billionaire, Bill Gates. A spate of best-selling books at the time of this writing describe the way that this money has resulted in regulatory capture and made independent journalism almost a thing of the past when it comes to Covid 19 and the inoculations. Especially The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy Junior has revived the discussion of how the same happened with AIDS in the 1980s. Climate Apocalypse is a tour de force examination of the power of money to corrupt science in the realm of climate. There is simply no money to be made in saying that there is no problem. There are billions to be made if there is a problem. Where, then, does a budding young scientist stake his career? Obviously, on the proposition that there is a problem, the solving of which urgently needs scientists with skills such as his. I have reviewed a couple of dozen books on the topic of global warming, starting with Bjorn Lomborg’s Skeptical Environmentalist two decades ago. I was pleased to see that there was not a single one that author Vítězslav Kremlík does not mention. The truth has been available for a long time. Despite that fact, however, money has prevailed. Establishment sources have captured the high ground of university professorships, public school textbooks, television broadcasting and so on. Being a climate skeptic makes eminently logical sense. Socially, it can make one an outcast. It goes against the narrative. While making money is a major part of the agenda driving the global warming hysteria, there is a long-standing and darker undertone that the author touches on every now and again. The deepest pocketed philanthropists such as John D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates (Senior, and now Junior) subscribed to the club of Rome thesis that there are simply too many people in the world. They would like to see that number reduced. One of the most valuable aspects of the book is its coverage of the origins of the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum, all of which adopt the Malthusian notion that the human herd needs to be thinned. These groups have actively supported birth control, euthanasia, forced sterilization and the gay rights agenda – anything to curtail our fertility. Many contemporary observers – though Kremlik does not mention it as it is not relevant to his climate argument – see a population control agenda behind the Covid 19 pandemic. Kremlík concludes the book on a note of optimism. “Mankind needs a positive vision, not environmental grief. And we do have reasons for optimism. World population growth has already begun decelerating. It is expected to stabilize by 2100 at some ten billion people. World poverty and malnutrition keeps falling. This is great news for the “Anthropocene,” the age of humans.” If the depopulation agenda of Covid 19 is real, and mechanisms such as those described by Peter and Ginger Breggins in Covid 19 and the Global Predators – we are the Prey are real, our numbers may shrink far further and more abruptly than Kremlik anticipates. If that happens, the global warming scam is knocked into a cocked hat. We could see a return to a world of honest values, one with more need than ever for honest science. This is a five-star effort by any measure. The table of contents below gives a very clear view of what’s in the book. I have excerpted valuable quotes from a few of the chapters.

(Review#3): (ALEX)

This was a well-researched book; however some of the sources are not really credible. The illustrations helped in letting the reader better understand the figures of climate change and how these changes over time affect the status of the world in the given time. Although this book presents the various views on climate change, it drives home the fact it is indeed something to be taken seriously in order to shape the policies that in turn shape the world we live in. {???? INTERPRETED TO SUPPORT THE CLIMATE MOVEMENT}.

(REVIEW#4}: (IM):

Well written and very interesting. This book chronicles how natural climate change has occurred throughout history, how humanity benefits from warmer periods, how the history of this is being suppressed or edited, and how the climate change agenda is being used as a pretext for global control and societal re-engineering. Most of us agree that we need to clean up our act and do things more conscientiously, but that is an entirely different matter from being deceived and manipulated for the sake of control. Well referenced with a lot of scientific and historical data. Surprisingly interesting.

Blogger’s note:

In broad and general terms the book conceptualizes the climate movement extremely well in my opinion the details for which in terms of data are not provided but cited in the works of prominent deniers. Some of these details may be found in my work. Examples below.

Supporting data for the work of Vitezslav Kremlik.

#1: Since interglacials are never at constant temperature but a dynamic of chaotic warming and cooling cycles at centennial and millennial time scales, a selected warming cycle in this dynamic cannot be assumed to be a creation of human cause. LINK:

#2: The repeated but failed forecasts by climate science of imminent collapse of polar ice with catastrophic sea level rise was derived from what had happened in the Eemian interglacial that failed to repeat in the Holocene interglacial. As is turns out, these foredcast were based on observed polar ice melt driven by geological forces and not fossil fuel emissions. These comical failures expose the unscientific nature of what is sold to the public and to world leaders as science. The use of the word science to gain credibility is the evidence that there is no credibility in the argument presented based on the data. LINK:

#3: A specific issue in this regard is the climate science position that the current warming trend is human caused because it is a creation of the industrial revolution that started at some time between 1760 and 1840. And yet what we see in climate science is that the theory now holds that the current global warming and climate change trend started in 1950. The new start year of 1950 makes it impossible to understand the current warming trend as a creation of the industrial revolution.

#4: Climate science holds that the warming in this warming cycle of the Holocene must be caused by fossil fuel emissions because we humans started burning fossil fuels at about the same time that the warming started. And yet, climate science has changed their position on when the warming started but not on when we started burning fossil fuels. What makes this issue even more intriguing is that we are told that the climate sensitivity of atmospheric CO2 concentration is a universal constant but a large range in empirical values of this variable has forced climate science to abandon their fundamental theory of climate sensitivity as a driver of warming and move to a new theory called TCRE or transient climate resoonse to cumulative emissions in which global mean surface temperature is not responsive to climate sensitivity of atmospheric CO2 but to cumulative emissions. The flaw in this theory is manyfold including the impossiblity of a linear response of temperature to emissions in terms of the the fundamental theory of global warming that the warming is driven by climate sensitivity of atmospheric CO2. One aspect of this contradiction is presented in a related post. LINK: .

#5: These and other issues reveal that climate science shows a weakness in their understanding of statistics and that weakness reveals childish statistical errors throughout the science of climate science.

LINK to related post:


Facts don’t matter to the sound bite generation.

The fact that CO2 can’t possibly accumulate in the atmosphere with a molecular weight 3 times that of air is totally ignored.

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