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1960s: The over-population theory explores the fear that there are too many people on earth and they are breeding too fast. It is predicted that by 1987 human activity will exceed the planet’s ability to sustain us with food, energy, and raw materials. The scenario, explored in the movie “Soilent Green”, is predicted to includes Biblical famine and death, anarchy, and the devolution of human society possibly including cannibalism. Human activity will have destroyed the earth’s ability to sustain human beings.

1970s: The “limits to growth” theory disseminates the fear that society will collapse by the year 2000 because there is a hard upper limit to the amount of fossil fuels, minerals, and other planetary resources that we can consume and therefore a limit to the level of economic growth that is achievable. Continued economic growth will run into this upper limit and cause a complete collapse of civilization as we know it.

1970s: The first ozone depletion scare campaign is waged against the development of the SST high altitude airliner with the allegedly scientific argument that nitric oxide (NOx) in the jet exhaust will deplete ozone in the ozone layer. The campaign is successful and the SST program is canceled. Their success emboldens environmental extremists and the modern version of planetary environmentalism based on fear takes form. Twenty years later the same scientists, alarmed by falling NOx concentration in the lower atmosphere declared that “NOx is the immune system of the atmosphere” because it prevents chlorine from depleting ozone.

1980s: The second ozone depletion scare campaign is waged against refrigerants that contain CFC chemicals saying that human activity was causing an ozone hole over the Antarctic and causing the establishment of the Montreal Protocol and a comprehensive ban on the most efficient and inexpensive refrigerants used worldwide. The ozone depletion science is proven wrong but the media that helped hype the ozone hole scare are silent on the issue. The ozone hole scare quietly disappears from the media.

1990s to present: The global warming scare campaign rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of the failed ozone hole scare campaign with the theory that carbon dioxide from fossil fuels accumulates in the atmosphere, traps heat, and warms up the planet with catastrophic consequences of Biblical proportions.

Reference: Peaks whitewashed to slow melting, Bangkok Post, September 15, 2010

Up in the Peruvian Andes, a World Bank funded project is painting the mountain-tops white to keep global warming from melting the glaciers (Peaks whitewashed to slow melting, Bangkok Post, September 15, 2010). The area in question is a semi-arid region subject to droughts and supplied by melt water from evanescent glaciers that have come and gone in cycles for thousands of years. Glaciers recede during the dry period of these cycles – not because it is too hot but because there is not enough snowfall. The current state of relative dessication is a part of a natural and well known weather pattern in the Andes and it cannot in any way be related to GHG emissions or to global warming. The project to paint mountain tops is just the kind of lunacy that bad science often engenders.

Cha-am Jamal


Cha-am Jamal

Reference: Russia gets climate change wake-up call, Bangkok Post, September 11, 2010

In September 2005 climate scientists were preaching that Hurricane Katrina was caused by GHG emissions and that it was a “wake-up call” to the Americans to heed the Kyoto Protocol (BBC, September 10, 2005).  Five years later, with none of their forecasts about monster hurricane seasons in subsequent years bearing fruit, they have apparently seized on the Russian heat wave of 2010 saying that it was caused by GHG emissions and that it is a “wake-up call” to the Russians to take global warming seriously (Russia gets climate change wake-up call, Bangkok Post, September 11, 2010). Neither of these climate change alarms has a scientific basis. In fact, it was the absence of scientific evidence that forced the IPCC to withdraw its earlier assertion that global warming was causing weather to become more extreme.

Cha-am Jamal


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