Thongchai Thailand

The criminal element in the expat community

Posted on: June 21, 2010

The coexistence of the criminal element among expats living in Thailand with the pain-in-the-neck immigration procedures that law-abiding expats must endure is  often seen as a paradox (Why the double standared, Postbag, June 20, 2010) but in fact it is precisely the presence of the criminals among us that requires Thai immigration procedures to be as onerous as they are. Sadly, the good guys must endure the toil of a system designed to catch the bad guys.The silver lining for the good guys, particularly those who live here with their Thai families, is that it helps to keep the bad guys out. That there are still criminals immigrants among us is not reason to relax immigration procedures but to tighten them. Good guys who feel the pain of going through the same procedure may find solace in their purpose.

Cha-am Jamal, Thailand

2 Responses to "The criminal element in the expat community"

Gosh, what type of criminals are you speaking of, Jamal?
And are they strickly US expats?

there is a street in bangkok called “soi africa” where large numbers of african expats have established a criminal enterprise according to an article in the bangkok post

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